Writing a Children’s Story

Your assignment is to write a children’s story. (Click here to access some on-line resources).

It is said that there are three audiences for a children’s story. The child who hears it, the adult who is reading it, and the child the author used to be.

When you write a story for children, there are some important considerations.  The age of the child is an important component in the selection of narrative and style.  Talking down is not a good idea, but it is also easy to lose a child when you aim beyond his or her experience.  So, know your audience.  The good side is that children are up for everything and anything.  Make-believe is there world.  You can be concrete and literal, or completely fantastical, and it’s all filled with the same wonder in their eyes.

You may write on any subject that appeals to you, but if you’d like a few suggestions, try creating a story about:

animals and/or pets
what if
transforming the everyday experience
nourishing our unique gifts/fulfilling our unique promise

If you’re thinkinf of writing a picture book, feel free to use illustrations you find, or to try drawing some for yourself.  Usually, the images wind up shaping the story.