Poetry Workshop Bibliography  (There are links to Amazon.com for these books, so that you can find them and buy them if you wish. (except for "Poetry and Consciousness," which only seems to be available from Powells. )  I don't have any commercial stake in this whatever, so don't feel bound to Amazon on my account.  Obviously there are other choices you can make.  An actual bookstore would be MOST preferable. On line,  I really like Powells.com.  Barnes & Noble would work too.  I link to Amazon because it's often possible to read an excerpt there for free.  Do compare prices though.  Powells is often less expensive, though the depth of its inventory is more limited. (Note also that the bibliography I handed out had"Aurora Leigh" mispelled.  I have also linked to the complete text online.)

The Poetry Home Repair Manual / Ted Kooser (University of Nebraska Press, 2005)

How to Read a Poemand fall in love with poetry / Edward Hirsch (Harcourt 1999)

A Poetry Handbook / Mary Oliver (Harcourt 1994)

Writing the Australian Crawl / William Stafford  (U. of Michigan Press 1978)

Poetry and Consciousness / C.K. Williams (U. of Michigan Press 1998)

Early Morning: Remembering my Father  / Kim Stafford (Graywolf Pess 2002)

Aurora Leigh: a Poem / Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1856 (because this might be where it all got started!) Powells only has two left but they're only $6.50, instead of Amazon's $22.95) so if you want that price, click here quickly!
(complete text online)