Some Useful Poetry Links  (I'm going to add to these from time to time, so keep checking occasionally.)

Here are a few links that I visit fairly regularly.  We talkd about a couple of them in class.

Ted Kooser's "American Life in Poetry" ( This has a new poem every week or two, each introduced with a short commentary by Ted.

Garrison Keillor's "Writer's Almanac" ( This has a new poem every day.  You can read it or listen to it read by Keillor. You can arrange for it to be sent to your email each day. Click on "newsletter" in the upper right cluster of links. Then fill out the form and select "Writers Almanac."  One comes every day in your email.

The Poetry column in ( )
This is a periodic resource to which you can subscribe, like the Writers Almanac, so that it comes to your email automatically.  (Just click on "free poetry newsletter" and enter your email address if this interests you.) It often provides fascinating background linkages and information.

Poetry 180 A poem a day for American High Schools (  This is an archive of poems selected by Billy Collins when he was Poet Laureate.  It really shouldn't be limited to high schools, as the name implies.  There are many accessible plain-speech resonance poems here.