Assignment for Week Four  -- STONES

Quite simply, write a poem that is inspired by a stone. First you have to select a stone and prepare it, so that it can stimulate your creative energy or charge your spiritual/poetic battery as you write.  Do this before you even contemplate the exercise.  Preparation of the stone for all of this is covered in "Stone Background." Click on this link, and read it carefully before you read further in this exercise.

Here are some alternative ways to convert the creative energy you’re gaining from the stone you’ve chosen -- into a poem.  Feel free to write the strings of inspiration that flow.  Stay with the magic of what is happening as you go. (Choose the alternative [or alternatives] that work[s] best for you.)

  1. Describe the whole stone in the moment in which you find it, but allow your imaginative powers to take you to the core of the stone, to its centers of energy.  The stone and the soul of the stone at this precise moment.
  2. Create the myth that explains the stone’s existence.
  3. See the stone in the context of some other episode in which it participated. Allow the stone’s consciousness to assist you in this.  The stone could have been part of a great fence, a castle wall, a child’s collection.  It could have been a knight’s talisman.  Tell the story of the stone in the context which you and the stone find for it.
  4. Write the stone’s version of you.
  5. Carry on a dialogue with the stone.
  6. Answer the question: What does the stone seek?
  7. Enter the consciousness of the stone: the part that contains its memory and its wisdom, and let the stone describe itself.  You are only the interpreter, and you can follow the stone’s meanderings to whatever and wherever and whenever. (This may seem like item 1, above, but read more closely; it is entirely different.)
  8. Write the stone’s wisdom – what it most wants to tell you now, about what it sees, about what it feels.
  9. Orient yourself through your own version of the Creator, who created both you and the stone, and from that triangle, find new wisdom, new lessons.
  10. Imagine the stone’s welled energy so desperate to escape that it is about to explode.  It shall explode if you fail to release the energy through expression.
  11. Imagine the stone craving your creative energy to restore its waning strength.  Fill it.