Suggested topics for Readings Critiques


You are free to write whatever you like about the piece you have volunteered to critique.  If you are stuck for a way to enter the topic, here are a few suggested questions, any one or more of which might get you started.


  1. What was it about the piece that made it matter to you?
  2. What do you think mattered to the writer that caused her/him to write it?
  3. What “hooked” you and made you want to read on?
  4. How did the story (excerpt) make you feel?
  5. What were the fiction writing techniques that were strongest?  Analyze them to see if you can figure out why.
  6. What questions would you like to ask the writer?
  7. As you read the work, was there any point at which you found yourself declaring to yourself, words to the effect: I wish I could do that!’ If so what did it for you?