As a member of the class, you will be invited by email to join the discussion group.  Only members of the class will be able to access and participate on line in the group.  If you aren't registered with Yahoo, you will be requested to register and fill out a form.  It is optional whether you want to give your true name and accurate information, but once you're there we'll need to identify you. 

After this step, you'll be admitted to the group.  A web page will appear. The main menu is on the left column, but start by clicking on "edit my membership" on the upper right side, where you can select the level of message delivery you want (everything from all messages, to no messages.  If you select "all messages," then every time someone sends a note to the discussion board, a copy will come to you as email).

On the left menu, you can upload or download files (word (rtf) or text documents) for distribution to other members of the class.  Other features are somewhat self explanatory.